2020 financial maneuver: news?

2020 financial maneuver: news?

The Conte government has just launched the Financial Maneuver scheduled for 2020. What will it consist of?

The first tax introduced will be the Digital Tax. The latter will have to submit the companies that provide digital services: it is therefore a tax imposed on the “big” of the web. With the phrase “digital services”, we naturally refer to high-innovative technologies accessible from web and mobile devices aimed at facilitating and reducing work processes. Among the various digital services there are 3D Platforms for every type of market and need; Immersive Reality (which includes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality); AI & IoT; 3D Avatars … so much more!

“In Italy, the 3% tax rate on revenues for companies providing digital services will start with revenues exceeding € 750 million and performance revenues of € 5.5 million or more per year. According to MEF estimates, the measure should guarantee revenues of around 600 million euros, which will enter the state’s coffers. “

Another novelty in financial terms is the fight against tax evasion. This phenomenon is widespread in Italy and year after year, we try to find the most appropriate solution so that it can be eradicated. The “Italia Cashless” plan will be introduced. What is it? With the introduction of a super bonus to be recognized by 2021, citizens are encouraged to make electronic payments (with credit cards, debit cards or prepaid cards) so that the state can have traceability. If the citizens who make use of the electronic payment systems will be awarded a prize, a pecuniary penalty will be applied to merchants who do not decide to buy via electronic payments, starting from € 30.00.

Other news concerns the “Super Bonus of the Epiphany” assigned in the form of lottery of the receipts.

The latest news regarding the budget plan for 2020 will be the decline in the cash threshold. From € 3000 it will reach € 2000 to reach € 1000 in 2021.


In your opinion, will these precautions be useful in order to restore the Italian economy?


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