How Augmented Reality Works

ADVEPA AUGMENTED REALITY – Augmented Reality (AR) can enter in your physical environment to give new emotions to your reality. AR is a tool that blends virtual reality and the real world to create a new idea of entertainment. You will be able to nullify communicative distances with your prospects by talking to them more directly and personally. The Advepa team is always updated about innovative technologies, so we are here to explain it to you.

What Augmented Reality can bring you

How Augmented Reality works is very simple. You just need any digital device, a computer or your smartphone, and all you have to do is focus your camera on an object. The system will automatically recognize the content previously inserted showing the pictures and the information of that object directly into your device.

This technology is an innovative, versatile and easy-to-use tool. Indeed, AR is based on the principle called “overlay”. That is, the information on the screen will stand side by side to the objects giving more potential to your physical environment. So Augmented Reality will connect digital interactions to your physical reality in order to obtain the big, improved picture.

AR will connect your reality

Augmented Reality allows you to connect your physical environment to virtual reality. This technology needs only to be attached to a reality and the great thing is, it can be of any type. In fact it’s not important if you are willing to improve your factory or a museum: AR is always able to create new emotive connections.

Imagine applying Augmented Reality to every machinery of your factory. When an operator wants to know the conditions of a machine, all she/he has to do is use a smartphone to see every detail in overlay. Otherwise you might want AR into your museum: pretend that you can read all the information for every artwork. every single detail, with no limits: the narrow space of the captions will not be a problem anymore.

Augmented Reality is a new interaction of the world we live in.

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