EXCO 3D virtual fair keeps expanding thanks to Advepa

ADVEPA 3D VIRTUAL FAIR EXCO – Creating a 3D virtual fair is a task that only experts can achieve: Ecofuturo knew it, so its staff called Advepa Communication. Starting from this agreement, the new 3D virtual fair called EXCO about eco-technologies was born. This virtual exhibition shows the eco-friendly innovations encouraged by the new measures against Covid-19 crisis. The future is one step closer thanks to the Advepa Communication team.

What you will find in EXCO, the fair made by Advepa

The EXCO fair is the result of a collaboration between Ecofuturo and the Advepa team. This 3D virtual fair allows everyone to join in from everywhere, maybe from their office or even their sofa. Indeed, the first ecological innovation that we find is a fair that cuts off transportation and all the pollution that comes with it. This can happen thanks to Advepa that provides us with its technologies, guaranteeing a 3D virtual fair which doesn’t envy anything from a physical event. To prove that, EXCO has 3 pavilions hosting more than 60 companies that look forward to doing their part inside the eco-technology industry. The setting’s cutting-edge design makes visitors think that they are in an astonishing live event without moving a step out of their homes.

EXCO is a state-of-the-art 3D virtual fair

What makes EXCO unique is that it is the first 3D virtual fair about eco-technologies in the whole world. This project became successful for its idea and for the creation of a 3D setting that allows companies to have their part in the exhibition. Surely the pandemic that we are dealing with is putting many industries on the corner, and the fair sector still copes with huge losses. But companies like Advepa Communication make 3D virtual solutions become a new point from where to start again. Not only that: when the health emergency will finish, 3D virtual fairs can support physical events to maximize their success. For this and many other reasons the Advepa team did a great job making the EXCO fair.

Exco 3D virtual fair made by Advepa keeps expanding

The EXCO 3D virtual fair made by Advepa started exactly 3 months ago, on December 9th. It never stopped reaching new people, not even for a second: nowadays it gathered about half a million users. The Advepa team made sure that the 3D virtual fair gives the idea of a realistic, physical event. This is why every visitor was amazed by the virtual exhibition: a special guest above all, the European Parliament’s vice president Fabio Massimo Castaldo. The politician said that it never had the impression of staying in front of a computer.

The next step for the eco-technologies’ event EXCO is adding a webinar dedicated to vocational training for technicians and entrepreneurs. This 3D virtual fair will expand its success again thanks to a new virtual instrument. The credit for gathering so many companies together in a 3D virtual setting goes even to the Advepa team. The reason is simple: Advepa Communication achieved in creating the 3D virtual fair that perfectly fits Ecofuturo’s necessity of showing the latest eco-technologies.


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