Online reputation: Advepa Communication knows how to manage it

ONLINE REPUTATION ADVEPA COMMUNICATION – Nowadays most of our lives are shared online. Even those who don’t have social media have to deal with this second life, since everybody can write about us on the Internet. All the things we find online and talk about us make our web reputation. But what is it exactly? Advepa Communication is here to explain to you.

What is the online reputation

65% of consumers largely trust search engines when they do some online research about a company. Before asking ourselves “What is the web reputation?”, we should think “What does more than 65% of consumers find when they do online research about your firm, your brand or even about you?” Now we’ve got a point: web reputation is everything that potential clients see when they do online research.  

Who or what decides what we see? A mathematical algorithm. Search engines decide how to represent your company, your brand or even yourself depending on the information that they find with a series of numbers besides it. Without emotions or feelings, even without the capability of deciding if the information is false or defamatory, search engines create a list of “results”. This list includes both good and bad information depending on which is on the top of their algorithm.

There are two types of online reputation that entrepreneurs should always have under control

The first type

Brand reputation, which is everything that deals with a company or its brand. For example, when we talk about a hotel, web reputation should include its reviews on Tripadvisor, or even on Yelp or The Fork if we deal with a restaurant. Nowadays social media has become a fundamental source of reviews for the public. To ignore or  to forget about the online reputation of a brand could take its toll. About 41% of firms that encountered a negative event in terms of reputation registered a loss in value and turnover for their brand.

The second type

The mistakenly less considered: personal reputation. It’s easier to think about the web reputation of politicians, actors, singers etc. whose names become their brand. Usually we don’t think about CEOs, entrepreneurs or freelancers who mostly do not have an “looked after” web reputation. But the truth is, if we want to be leaders of a certain sector we must take care of how we look like to the public since customers verify on the Internet whether these people are professional and respectable. A CEO’s reputation makes over 40% of the market value of a company. On the other side, even the lack of online information is a web reputation issue, because if the potential customers can’t find you, he will not trust your work.

web reputation analytics

How we suggest you to analyze your online reputation

There are several search engines on the market (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Naver, Baidu, etc.) but they have a different impact.

Google checks over 75% of global research traffic. Bing is the #2 with the 9.94% of search engine results. Moreover, Youtube is the second biggest search engine with more than 60 billions of hours of views per month.

You can certainly use every search engine that you like, but if you want to see the results that most people see when they look for your firm, brand or identity, it’s better to use Google.

Things that you should pay attention to

Please note: when you want to check the search engine results you might want to use a “new private window” or an “incognito window” in order not to affect the results with the cookies saved on your browser.


We’d like to let you know that the results may change from a location to another, it’s different among browsers and they depend even on the time. There’s not a definitive online reputation but we can find a trend in the results about your online history.

That being said, we as ADVEPA COMMUNICATION, when we look after your online reputation, we make several types of online controls in a specific period on different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to establish what story is told in the first 20 lines of search engine results.

What Advepa Communication does for your online reputation

Online Control

  • Checking the SERP (search engine result page)
    • Controlling every tab of the results (All, News, Images and Videos)
  • Dividing results in groups:
    • excellent, good, irrelevant, negative
  • Taking a screenshot to create a report
  • Checking social media

Monitoring your online presence

  • There are simple tools that we can use online, even Google has an ALERT function that gives you every update about web publications with specific words in it.
    • web (articles, forums, blogs, documents, etc)
    • social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc)
    • etc.

Our Platform

  • We have developed our own technology which allows to check:
    • social listening – monitoring online conversations
    • the trend of the news online
    • potential risks
    • analytical data to understand how we can improve your online reputation
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