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3D Trade Shows, Business Fairs & Virtual Events

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The pressure of organising, setting up & arranging travel for trade shows, expos, business fairs and conventions has grown prohibitive…

Many sales and marketing teams are searching for practical and effective solutions today’s challenges.

  • containing costs
  • expanding their client reach
  • new ways to standout among their competitors
  • easier travel options


All Expos Type

Personalized Virtual Expos allow you to interactive with an easy to use 3D environment for every type of market!

  • Finance

  • Fashion

  • Museum

  • Tourism

  • Sport

  • Industry Public Utility

  • Medical Training

  • Corporate & Event Marketing

  • Government & Defence

We design creative

engaging Real-Time Characters and Customized Avatars

Virtual Reality (VR) allows for a full immersion in a virtual world which is both realistic and plausible.
Imagine an attractive and intriguing 3D dimension where you can immerse yourself and interact in a totally natural way, just as if you were moving about in real life.

Augmented Reality (AR) is literally transforming the way people work, buy and learn.
The solutions we offer are a perfect blend of the digital and physical world, usable both online and on mobile devices.

Virtual Events

With CHAT, Seminars & Avatars

Today’s market is facing unprecedented travel restrictions, economic situations and environmental pressure.

Business are forced to look for alternative solutions which are budget friendly & quickly realized, which can reach out to established clients and open doors to new global markets with ease.

Virtual Trade Show or Business Fair

What can we do for you?
  • add e-commerce to your event or store
  • analyise extensive statistics about your visitors
  • customize stands, logos & avatars
  • include language options for all of your guests
  • offer webinars, seminars & workshops
  • engage with download options & online chats

A Virtual Event Opens Opportunities

What can we do for you?
  • more interest in your products
  • increase in traffic to your website
  • expand your client portfolio
  • see a notable difference in ROI
  • make your event naturally "green"