Knowing how to communicate

The word is the most powerful and influential means that can exist. It has very ancient origins and, as Gorgia writes, the famous Sophist of Ancient Greece, in the Praise of Helen, it is like a powerful lady who performs the most divine works and who listens to it is imbued with pain but at the same time takes away the spell. Among all the mighty weapons, the word, according to Gorgia, is the most lethal: in fact it can destroy without a trace since it is able to humiliate, distress or remove.
However, it removes the spell. This is what the Greeks called “pharmacon”: either an antidote or a poison. The art of knowing how to communicate is an art that has become precious because it is undervalued. Each of us is convinced of being able to communicate in the right way and to be able to make the hypothetical third person understand the focus of the speech. This is not the case and this is the story of Remo Ruffini. Who is it?
Ruffini is the president and managing director of Moncler, a world-famous brand. At Palazzo Geremia, during a conference dedicated to the “Festival of Sport”, Ruffini tells Paola Pollo about his dark time during which Moncler risked ceasing to exist.
“It seemed to me – says the entrepreneur – that the brand had forgotten its origins and roots. I started from there and tried to work on the product. The vision is to do many things, but in the best way and of the highest quality . Development and change of distribution, as well as focusing on technology and constant innovation: technology is fundamental “.
Ruffini then adds: “We are looking for an international strategy to be able to satisfy everyone, but above all to convey emotions: the true core business. It is essential to communicate, but it is complicated because there are more channels and very different between Europe, Asia and the United States. One must adhere to different cultures. And being able to talk to different generations of young people and more mature people. A very delicate aspect “.
Starting from this new communication strategy, the evolution of the brand began which today boasts a very high customer portfolio with annual sales of 1.42 billion euros, 4,155 employees, 195 retail stores (scattered all over the world) and 55 stores wholesale.

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