Taste Reggio Calabria, 3D Virtual Fair To Promote The Terriotry

Taste Reggio Calabria, 3D Virtual Fair To Promote The Terriotry

TASTE REGGIO CALABRIA 3D FAIR – 2020 has been a difficult year. Most sectors have found themselves having to reinvent themselves to try to cope as best they can with the crisis we are expecting. One example of the renewal we can do in the field of fairs is the Taste Reggio Calabria, which has become a virtual 3D fair.

The city of Reggio Calabria does not stop

The metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria is a land rich in products appreciated all over the world, wines, oils, citrus fruits including the famous bergamot. In the current year these products were in danger of going unnoticed, as there was the inability to show them in fairs or propose them to the tourists. That’s why the collaboration with Advepa Communications was born, in order to give the opportunity to the specialists of the area to promote their products and make them available to the general public of interested people.

Ad  hoc fair for every kind of need

In a planet afflicted by a global pandemic, events in attendance and tourism have suffered a sharp decline due to the great risk of contagion. However, in order to have hope for a future recovery, industry players have had to come up with solutions to avoid ending up in oblivion. Advepa Communications has been working hard on this front by organizing online events with the same characteristics as traditional ones.

Among those who have taken advantage of this opportunity we have the Taste Reggio Calabria fair, which will take place from December 7th to 16th 2020. The event has been studied ad hoc for the needs of the applicant. Operators in the area were able to take advantage of spaces to showcase their products as they would have done if the fair had been in attendance.

The experience that Advepa Communications has created within the fair is the closest to reality. Attendees have the sensation of actually walking through the exhibitions stands, recreated with 3D technology. Moreover, it will be possible to interact with other participants and with the retailers themselves, just like in the fairs we are used to.

Why Taste Reggio Calabria is a virtual 3D fair

The type of fair that Advepa Communications has created is an all-encompassing virtual 3D experience. Thanks to an avatar, visitors can freely walk around the booths. The local producers, on the other hand, can showcase their wines, bergamot, ‘nduja and everything else that is characteristic of the area. In this way, visitors will be able to discover these products, learn more about the quality, the production phases and the characteristics of what they see in each stand. In a 3D virtual fair like Taste Reggio Calabria, it is possible to get information directly from the operators at the fair.

This type of fair is very useful now, but it can be a great resource for the future. By the time we get back to organizing fairs in presence, they can also be organized in parallel in virtual. By doing so, the number of people of whom the event will be accessible will be greater, reaching even visitors from faraway places.

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