Ukraine and renewable energy

Ukraine is a State of Eastern Europe. Although it is no longer part of the Soviet Union, the recent Putin / Merkel talks on gas transit through Ukraine have shown that the country is still used as a bargaining chip and is therefore far from being independent from the point of view energy. What to do then? You must bet everything on renewable energy!


Calfin International, an international industrial and financial business whose main interests lie in the sectors of commodity trading, new technologies and renewable energy sources, takes the opportunity to participate in the Ukrainian energy forum, Kiev 2020.


What is it?


The Kiev 2020 energy forum is a global event. Each participant will have the opportunity to develop international networks on issues related to the energy field that will be developed during the debate. Participants will also include the Ukrainian Prime Minister Groysman and the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Kistion.


Also the president of Calfin International, Giovanni CAlabrò, will participate in this event.


Goals to achieve?


“One of the primary goals is to better understand the conditions of the energy market and to identify possible opportunities for collaboration in energy development and promotion.”



To know more,

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