Virtual Reality, a new way of communicating

Virtual Reality, a new way of communicating

VIRTUAL REALITY COMMUNICATION – What is Virtual Reality and how will the way we communicate change?

Rossano Tiezzi, Advepa Communication’s commercial manager, gives us the answer, during an interview for the video-column Ated, a Swiss association promoting computer science culture. Advepa Communication is a leading company in the world of virtual and immersive reality.


Facing the present and creating new opportunities for the future: Advepa’s vision

The world of communication has always been in constant change.

This evolution process suffered a sudden and unexpected acceleration due to Covid-19. The pandemic changed and upset the social and commercial dynamics, and forced the market and the companies to rapidly revise and reprogram their business and communication dynamics.

In this historical time of change, Advepa stands out for being a company able to fill the computer science gaps, necessary to face not only the present, but also the the future, in which technology will be indispensable and essential.

For over 10 years Advepa has made of technology evolution and innovation its strong points. This enabled the company to be ready, well-structured and prepared for responding to these sudden needs. Rossano Tiezzi and its professional team are able to face this new challenges, with an experience that few companies can boast.


New stages, new actors

New scenarios opened up during the Covid-19 emergency.

The new rules imposed by the pandemic deeply changed the way we communicate, purchase, promote and make business.

The real world lost the possibility of meeting and having physical contacts. Some activies, in which physical presence plays a prominent role, were particulary penalized by these unexpected new conditions.

The world of fairs and events, the commerce, the museum and cultural landscape had to seek new promotional and relationship channels, and adapt to new working methods.

As Rossano Tiezzi explain to us, it was therefore essential to be able to rely on companies like Advepa, which turned into a lead actor during this period of change, thanks to its ten-years experience and constant development.

The company has been engaged in the creation of virtual platforms using with the best technology in order to support online 3d fairs and 3d events, the modernization of companies’ websites, renewed and projected into an extremely functional and engaging reality, with endless possibilities of interaction and customization. This is how Advepa stands out for being the ideal partner to accompany their customers not only in this delicate historical moment, but also towards the future scenarios. The return to normality will feature a new reality, in which the assimilated technology and the virtual world will be essential elements, to be entrusted to experienced professionals, such as Advepa’s ones.

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